Avatar Gallery


Here you can download the Magestorm avatars, and also save most of the custom avatars that already made appearances to disk. If you need some avatar that is not yet on this page, please ask the author of the cartoon you spottet it in.

If you develop a custom avatar yourself, please eMail it to me, too. Thanks everyone for sharing!

To use an avatar, click it with the right mouse button, and select "save target as".


Grammar Boy Grammar Boy Draven (old) Draven (new) Draven (new) Dream Emerald Granite Hoffa Mage_Hat Mage_IronDragon Mage_Jovin Marleen Marleen Mouse Mage_Mors Mage_Noah Mage_Odin Mage_Thoth Mage_Thoth Phocus Poolya Priest Proof Putz Putz Ralziel Rival RonBurns Scooby Scooby Tara Tel