. 2003: Old news.

. 2003-02-13

Unbelievable! I finally managed to collect all the MS cartoons and upload them here. If I can be bothered I will start writing small texts for some of them, too!

. 2003-02-15

Okay all the funny stories are sorted and archived now. Some even have texts. If you'd like to contribute a text or two, feel free and send me an email.
I'm still waiting for Jerry Seltzer to reply to my email ... so this page is way inofficial and no one knows it's there. Nyah nyah...

. 2003-02-20

No reply by Jerry Seltzer yet. I'm tempted to make the web site public.
I also added a few more cartoons, and started a new series, the Hex Files, starring special agents Thoth and Odin.

. 2003-02-22

Today I added to the web site:

  • Avatar page for the download of regular magestorm avatars, and custom avatars
  • The tutorial on how to make your own cartoon in Photoshop and Paintshop Pro (thanks for helping, Poolya!)
  • Couple more cartoons!

I also wrote another eMail to Jerry Seltzer!

. 2003-02-26

I added Priest's first cartoon: "And you thought it was over" (# 37) and the avatars he used: IronDragon, a new version of Rom, and Proof himself.

. 2003-02-27

Due to much input ;) I devided the "cartoons" page into three parts: strips (of 1 line), stories (of 1 page), and series (of more than one page). I also added "Mage_Noah and the great Flood" to the stories.

. 2003-03-06

Yay, it's official now :) 
I added several avatars and a new story, too!

. 2003-05-09

We have 3 new custom avatars - Tara, Tel and Poolya.
(And also 2 new strips with them of course.)

. 2003-11-11

I decided to take the Magestorm Cartoons Website off my own server and upload them somewhere else to save space :)
I also have to updated the site because I missed the four latest stories and two strips, check them out!

. 2005-03-02

The Magestorm Cartoons website has been transferred to the sold-guild.com domain... and here it will stay... honestly ;)

Also, I'm happy to announce that Azuth's weekly Slideshow of Happiness is now also hosted here!