2007-02-05 / Insight

ll "full members" of SoLD can now see and read all division forum folders.

2007-01-07 / Monthly Poll: Diplomacy

hat's your personal approach when it comes to inter-guild rlations? Vote and discuss here.

2006-12-08 / Christmas Partying

e're looking forward to two seperate Christmas Parties in our IRC chat channel today and tomorrow. Everyone's invited - if you come, please bring something though. It could be a christmas story, a joke, a link to a funny video, a photo or anything fun that's related to the christmas season (or similar rituals from other cultures and religions)! The combined results you will find at the boards later on.

2006-12-03 / December Poll: Concerning Online Games...

ou can find a new issue of our (not so) monthly poll in the Ballot Booth at our boards now.

2006-07-23 / Caption Competition Winners

aand we have a winner! Several even. Jamis and Tel thought of the funniest lines in our current caption competition - with Damien, Stealth and Richard as runner-ups. Congratulations to the winners...

2006-07-15 / Poll of the Month: Pick a Charity Organisation

he poll for the month of July has been put up in the Ballot Booth at our boards.

In related news, you can now auction for "a night with Tel" and/or "a night with Marleen" - all donated money will be forwarded to the charity organisation that the board users select...

2006-07-10 / And the winner is...

he 2006 Football World Championship has ended, and so has our mini-community's betting game at the boards. Prizes are being distributed :) Grats to Vincent, Heinz and Terry...

2006-06-23 / New Poll of the Month

ou can find it in the Ballot Booth and our boards - it is labelled "June 06: Borad Competitions and Contests - your favourite?"

2006-06-22 / Board competitions!

he SoLD Council decided that it'd be fun to have more social competitions, like in the olden days, so we've set up some nice little contests and a "fame league" at our boards. You can read about it here. We hope you'll have as much fun with the contests as we had discussing the details, and new prizes!
The SoLD Council

2006-04-10 / Poll of the month - featuring GNN

hat kind of GNN article are you looking forward to most? Take part in our poll of the month in The Ballot Booth at our boards and let us know.

2006-03-07 / Gotta love our Geeks.

raham and Paul managed to update our boards to a safe new version, despite the fact that I messed with its database and php badly in the past. They rock. :) Oh. Boards re-opened, by the way.

2006-03-06 / OMG our first hack.

hat's right, the SoLD boards were hacked last night. Don't worry, no data has been lost, and we've recovered everything. Looks like I have to update phpBB to the latest version after all. I'm on it, and sorry.

2006-01-16 / Poll of the Month

his month's ballot goes: what name shall the SoLD IRC chatbot be given? Walk over to The Ballot Booth at our boards and cast your vote...

2005-06-23 / Preferred Playmates Poll

or June's poll of the month, we're asking which of the Playmates (from the 2005 calendar) you like best. Check out the Ballot Booth at the boards and have your say.

2005-05-09 / Your Favourite Guild Wars God?

he May Poll has now been added to the boards.
Head over there to vote on which God is your favourite.

2005-04-08 / April Poll

ust wondered how much time most people plan to devote to GuildWars, once it comes out. So, a poll has been added asking just that. Check out the boards and feel free to discuss. :)

2005-03-29 / Caption Contest Winner

ongrats to Adam/Magus for his victory in the latest caption contest on the boards. He successfully took the piss out of both Jochen and Chris in one fell swoop amusingly enough to win. ;)
Prize to follow, no doubt.

2005-03-15 / New Caption Contest

nce again we have a new Caption Contest on the boards. Get your thinking caps on and go take a look in The Ballroom, where it is located this time. Special prize for the winner will follow, of course. :)

2005-01-25 / Christmas Caption Contest

k, ok, it took a while, but we finally decided upon a winner for the caption contest. Congrats to Azuth for that. He can now pick a random board prize as his reward.

2004-12-29 / Board Restructure

e've restructered the boards completely in the last 24 hours, to fit better with the changing shape and progression of SoLD in recent (and indeed future) times.

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