2007-01-08 / Guildwars Weirdness

emember Poison Ivy from Magestorm? She's playing Guildwars with us now. Welcome :)

2006-10-07 / SoLD and SF - reunited in Guildwars

ur fellow Magestorm veteran guild, Strike Force, invited our Guildwars division to take part in their Alliance.

2006-07-23 / Guild Wars reconsidered

couple of friends asked whether they could join us for some playing Guild Wars - and who are we to object! So Clare aka Prophetsangel, a friend from OGame, and Randy aka Nefrin from Magestorm are trying us out...

2005-10-24 / Belated news from our Guild Warriors

ince we can't seem to bring up enough interest for Guild Wars PvP as a guild at the moment, we decided to make our Guild Wars division a "free" one - that means that people looking for serious PvP/GvG are free to join other teams while the Sorcerers will remain a "Guild Wars guild" - most members are staying on the SoLD roster for their casual play. On a related note, Chris has resigned as Warlord for Guild Wars a while ago. He's still our "overall" Warlord, including OGame.

2005-09-08 / GW Summerupdate

oday the long awaited summerupdate for guild wars was released. We are looking forward to visiting the new areas.

2005-08-23 / Another Magestormer applying

ean aka BioDoom from Magestorm applied for SoLD's Guild Wars division. Heinz volunteered to be his mentor during application period...

2005-08-19 / Chapter II Alpha Test

e will is taking part in the alpha test of Guild Wars' next "chapter".

2005-08-17 / Ennoblement of two new Warriors

ur two long-term applicants Friedemann and Heiko have been accepted in SoLD as members of our Guild Wars division. I suppose after all this time we've grown emotionally attached. Well, I have anyway. :x Welcome!

2005-08-13 / Return of an old friend

oe aka Epic, someone we know from Magestorm times when he played alongside SoLD with his guild, our allies BL, applied for our Guild Wars division. After all these years ;)

2005-08-03 / Applicant Tango

he four Mystik members that applied for SoLD decided that'll work better if they open up their own squad again - a team which we'll most likely form a PvP alliance with, which I'm looking forward to :)

2005-08-02 / Applicants Galore

e're finally trying to get organised and assigned one mentor to each one of our meny new applicants. Hopefully this will help to get to know them better.

2005-07-13 / Our new Guild Wars apprentices...

... nd here's the list for you: Apart from Space Sorcerer Holger, Moritz' friend Friedemann and regular applicant Heiko, these fellas applied last week: Dirk,Joerg, Patrick, Marcus, Mike and Wilfried. Yes, I am slowly losing the overview. o_o

2005-07-12 / A lot of traffic

ossi and Nathalie decided to leave SoLD in Guild Wars to play with an RL friend of theirs instead... very sad.

2005-07-11 / Mentors reintroduced to SoLD

e decided to pick up the system that we used in Magestorm and assigned a "mentor" to every applicant to our Guild Wars team.

2005-07-10 / Invasion of the Applicants

e're currently processing the biggest wave of applications we ever experienced in SoLD - for our Guild Wars team. It is some 3-5 "Mystiks" and a bunch of RL friends of Holger's... I don't know all their names yet but will update the website with details soon.

2005-07-04 / A new applicant for our Guild Wars team

riedemann, a friend of Moritz', decided to apply for membership in our Guild Wars team.

2005-06-13 / The Cleansing

hile re-creating our guild in Guild Wars with our original name, we had to kick out all members so they can join the "new" guild.
Side effect is, of course, a roster purge...

2005-06-12 / Guild Hall

e have a Guild Hall now, we changed our name to: Sorcerers of Light and Darkness

2005-06-11 / Been a while

ell, the last few weeks we have been pretty busy organising our Guild Wars team... discussing guild rules, mentoring our applicants and new members and so on.

Londarius was not accepted in SoLD after all due to too little involvement in guild life.

2005-06-06 / Congratulations Richard!

ichard (former OGame division member) is now a proper Guild Warrior! Congrats and welcome to our team. And don't wander off :p

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