2011:12:17 / SoLD welcomes former BL members

We heartly welcome all active former BL members to SoLD. We offered BL to join us and they accepted. Both guilds have had a long tradition and a close friendship.

2011-12-08 / Magestorm is back!

he revival of the game, which SoLD was founded in, is in Beta at the moment. Old friends are meeting again in Folenn. Check the boards for details!

2009-05-01 / Magestorm is back

hoa, it's been ages since I logged in here to report something. But out of nostalgia as well as genuine excitement: Magestorm is back online. Details: http://sorien.org/viewforum.php?f=42 - or on our own forums. It is (again) in alpha, but Sorien is determined to get it fully working before long.

2006-08-06 / So maybe that wasn't the last Magestorm News Item ever after all.

he SoLD board has grown once again - "The Mythic Meeting Lounge" invites all old Magestormers to keep up the Magestorm tradition and chat about Magestorm... and more.

2006-07-24 / The ultimate End of Magestorm

he last Magestorm news item ever: it has happened - the Magestorm Community Forums have closed down ultimately. The Magestorm community is no more. Many old Magestormers can be reached through here, or the Strikeforce boards at www.strikeforceguild.com so not all is lost.

2006-02-03 / A final update for the Magestorm section

ince Magestorm has been officially axed, there was a number of changes I had to make to the Magestorm pages of our website. It's all in past tense now...

the "worlds" menu also has been given a little facelift, so that you can see which games we are or aren't currently playing.

2006-01-31 / Magestorm is no more.

ell it was hardly a total shock, but Magestorm and the Mythic Gaming Centre finally went "offline" for good, today.

We all enjoyed some great times, and it brought SoLD together, so for that I'm sure we will all feel some sadness to see it finally go.

2005-05-25 / Magestorm Memories

e put together a little hommage to Magestorm, the game SoLD orinigated in, which you can now find in the gallery. Click "Magestorm Screenshots" - for pictures and comments about the years we spent in there...

2005-03-28 / Ask Dr. Tel

hose of you Magestormers with any medical complaints should consider getting in touch with Dr. Tel for help.
If you go to the articles within the Parchments section, you can view the questions already asked and what advice Dr. Tel gave.

2005-02-26 / Congratulations Heinz

or levelling Fire_SoLD to 30!

2004-11-18 / And congratulations once more!

o Heinz for levelling FlyAba to 30.

2004-11-13 / Better late than never?

inally got my arse (kicked) into gear and did the last match reports of the NSW Event. See the tourney page for information about our last two matches - including a very exciting one against SF.

2004-11-07 / And the winner is...

t is LoH who ultimately won the NSW tourney, congrats to them.

2004-10-24 / The long and the short of Magestorm

e had the current tourney's last two matches tonight and lost both - a very long one versus SF, decided during the last minute as usual ;) and the other one was the delayed match versus Wolfpack which we lost in a matter of minutes. Expect match reports and final tourney outcome the next days.

2004-10-19 / Congratulations, Jochen

ur king's arcanist, Anubis=SoLD, hit 30 :)

2004-10-17 / Revenge for 2002 MGL?

k its not like we're quite bitter enough for that, but I guess its hard to forget (with me around) that SoLD once lost to BL with 43 levels more than them. This time its gone and happened the other way around. Well, with 42 levels difference. Check the tourney page for information about our match against BL this evening.

2004-10-13 / NSW Event Update

e're approaching the last couple of weeks of this event now and still doing fairly well considering we haven't had a full team for any match yet. But we'll be playing full, strong teams in the last 3 matches so it wont be easy from here.
See the tourney page for the latest update.

2004-10-03 / Hectic Tourney Action

t seems we had the wrong tourney schedule, so last night we had a bit of a problem getting a team together. After ten minutes we finally had a lineup (I love you guys :D) and beat SBR in a quick match.
Match report and screenshot are up at our tourney page.

2004-10-01 / Magestorm GaGa

'm not sure if I was bored, going mad, or it just seemed to fit when I was listening to Queen the other day. But I came up with Magestorm GaGa (In the Articles). Enjoy...

2004-09-27 / Match info updated

... nd to be found on the tourney page.

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