2012-12-21 / Return to Battle Dawn

e started to play yet another era of Battle Dawn. This time our server is Earth 1.

2011:12:17 / SoLD welcomes former BL members

We heartly welcome all active former BL members to SoLD. We offered BL to join us and they accepted. Both guilds have had a long tradition and a close friendship.

2011-12-08 / Magestorm is back!

he revival of the game, which SoLD was founded in, is in Beta at the moment. Old friends are meeting again in Folenn. Check the boards for details!

2010-12-06 / SoLD dominated Earth 2

nd finished era 7 within 2000 ticks. We will stay on this server for now, awaiting the new age to start.

2010-07-29 / Heroes Kingdoms

ome of us are trying out a new browser-based game in the Might & Magic Universe: Heroes Kingdoms. For more info, check the boards.

2010-07-29 / Era 5 won by SoLD

fter our long-term allies FEAR handed us over their relics, we won Era 5 of Earth 3 with all 10 relics in our hands.

2010-03-24 / SoLD won Age 9

f Earth 2 after fighting a long war against HINI. Our Battle Dawn team is going to play the upcoming age on Fantasy 6. Get ready, Sorcerers!

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