2009-09-23 / Bash in Heidelberg

e had a very nice weekend together. Thanks to Xeeron for accomodation! Check the boards for plannings on the next meeting!

2007-10-02 / SoLD bash

his year's SoLD bash has taken place in Berlin last weekend. We have had a great time and are now looking forward to meeting again soon!

2006-08-24 / SoLD 'round the World

hile Paul and Laura arrived home from their continental Europe roundtrip, Titus and Chris arrived in the UK, at Jaqui's, to spend a week there, perchance to also meet with Cully.

2006-08-01 / Paul & Laura on the Road

n other news, Laura and Paul on their roundtrip through continental Europe have arrived in Berlin - hope we can get the locals together for some SoLD action over here...

2006-07-04 / Paul and Laura on the Road!

o Paul and Laura took off to their Europe roundtrip - a pretty extensive route. Will hopefully meet some SoLD folk while they're at it :) (I know they pass through Berlin, tee hee hee.) Have a great trip and take care.

2006-03-29 / Back from Ireland

'm back from Ireland where I visited Friedemann (along with my sister). Photos will be posted on the boards soon!

2005-12-14 / Party Pictures

he christmassy pictures of the recent SoLD gathering have been uploaded. You'll find them onour boards in the "Ballroom" folder. Enjoy!

2005-12-11 / SoLD Party, Xmas 2005!

ell our bash for this Christmas took place over the weekend. 11.. or 12.. or something (if we were good at keeping count we wouldn't have lost anyone at any point) met up at various stages over the weekend.

We had drinks, played pool, had food, played air hockey, had drinks, went to xmas market, got lost in Hannover, had drinks... and so on. Nice to see everyone, and hopefully all had fun!

2005-11-23 / Party Update

e're getting closer to our party weekend in december - the restaurant has been booked and accomodation is about to be sorted out, so be sure to check the forum for party news the next few days.

2005-07-31 / René's Surprise Party

ast night, we secretly met up to host a surprise birthday party for René in Berlin. Photos have been posted at the boards. Gotta love SoLD parties. :D

2005-07-29 / Holiday pictures up

have uploaded the photos I took on Tel's and my roundtrip through Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Tel's pictures will follow... you find them at the boards in Xeeron's study, as always.

2005-07-07 / Web Wizards vanishing

oth our Web Wizards are going to be on holiday the next two weeks. That's right, Terry and I will be visiting Micke in Stockholm, then head on to Helsinki and see if Mikko's in town ;)
So don't expect too many news updates until we're both back where we belong...

2005-05-06 / Our Gatherings

or people keep asking us about our parties and meet-ups (especially requesting pictures), I have put together a little page named "Gatherings". You find it in the Sorcerers Menu to the left. Enjoy.

2005-03-13 / Party Pictures

he first wave of party photos has arrived on our boards. Hmm ya'll missed out :D

2005-03-11 / SoLD Party for the next three days!

riday through Sunday you won't see many of us online - we're busy partying in real life ;)
It's time for our meet-up (in Berlin, Germany this time). Photos to come soon...

2005-01-09 / Back in the...

'm back from my UK holiday and I've uploaded my photos on our boards :)

2004-11-29 / Party Planning

nce more the SoLD are going to meet in "real life" and throw a party. Planning has begun. The details can be found in our forums!

2004-10-18 / Holiday pictures II

art 2 - my holiday photos from Sweden - have been uploaded and you find them in our forum :) Elaith inside ;p

2004-10-16 / Holiday pictures online

he first share of holiday pictures is online - Remember, my scandinavian roundtrip this summer when I visited Cybertrash, Elaith and Amon? Anyway, the "Denmark" part is now uploaded, with "Sweden" and "Finland" yet to come.
You find them at our boards. Have fun.

2004-09-14 / Back in Berlin

'm back from my Denmark -> Sweden -> Finland holiday. Promise, I'll upload embarrassing photos (including pom pom) soon!

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