2006-06-29 / Neverwinter Nights 2...

ts release has been pushed back to september 2006. September 19th, to be exact. Anyone who knows me - knows that this is extremaly good news ;)

2006-04-04 / "Never"winter Nights

've updated our NWN section some to reflect the current status of our players and characters there better (= no status). In other news, Neverwinter Nights 2 will be released this summer, oh my.

2005-05-16 / Getting started in NWN Roleplaying

have put together a little guide to get those of you started on a roleplaying server in NWN that would like to try RP and don't know how. It has a little character generator and tips on how to get immersed...

2005-05-11 / SoLD in NWN

n addition to the info page about NWN as a game, we now have our team page set up. It's tiny, but has some info about who plays, where we play, and also links to any custom portraits we are using.

2005-04-25 / Neverwinter Nights Info

little Info page about Neverwinter Nights has been added to our worlds menu. This is also where you'll soon find team/players information - in case you'd like to meet up with any of us in the game. :)

2005-04-20 / Neverwinter Nights

nce more, some of our members have started playing Neverwinter Nights on a roleplaying server... :D
More info to be read here soon!

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