2007-06-10 / We welcome...

gor aka Mgeni to our Ogame team. Have fun in the guild!

2007-05-21 / Big Ba-Da-Boom

obin aka Elusive of SoLD and PG of RieV, ranked #2 and #1 in universe 7 of OGame.org, clashed their fleets together in a giant BOOM as a mutual good-bye fleetcrash.

2007-03-07 / Who's Ogame.org's biggest Turtle?

arleen is! With over 1.000.000 points in my main planet's defense, even I made it into OGame's Hall of Fame. Now I've seen it all.

2007-03-01 / New member of the Sorcerers

im aka MadGunny has been accepted as a new Space Sorcerer. Welcome to our ranks, Tim!

2007-02-03 / Change of Cast

nde decided to quit OGame - and handed over his account to Robin.

2006-12-06 / Charmed

aren aka Charmed has officially become a Space Sorceress today. Welcome!

2006-10-31 / Welcome Ray!

fter a long time as apprentice, Ray aka Stealth has become member of our Ogame division. Welcome to SoLD!

2006-09-05 / New Apprentice

he Sorcerers say hello to Stealth, whose application period began today officially.

2006-08-31 / Robin quit universe 7

oday Robin officially said goodbye to universe 7 and posted his goodbye hit at the ogame boards. The Sorcerers wish him all the best for his real life!

2006-08-01 / Everybody's Dream

s a birthday surprise, and kind of a tribute to Andi, most Space Sorcerers renamed themselves to a "dreamy" player name inside OGame. Funny to see how the trend spreads in the community, and players throughout universe 7 are changing their names, too, now.

2006-07-31 / Our OWedding

e would like to thank everyone who came out to IRC to attend our OWedding. Special thanks to Marleen, Dream, Felix and Chris.
Cindy & Elusive

2006-07-31 / Here comes the OBride...

s announced last week, Cynthia and Elusive got OMarried in our IRC chat Sunday night. For those who missed the (quite beautiful) ceremony, a GNN report including logs will be published at OGame.org's forums tomorrow. :)

2006-07-26 / SoLD wears Mourning

ndi managed to get his fleet ninja'd by P_g! Let's hope that he'll rebuild and soon rise from the ashes...

2006-07-25 / An OWedding is about to take place...

or Robin proposed to Cindy a week ago. The wedding ceremony will take place in our IRC channel, next Sunday, the 29th of July, at around 21:30 CET / OGame server time.

2006-07-22 / JeeP

ne of our special friends from the good old Magestorm days has found his way to OGame. We proudly announce that Jean-Paul aka JeeP has joined the SoLD divission in OGame.

2006-07-19 / RieV PeterLustig

ndi has beaten one of the most evil RieVs: PeterLustig. Peter has smashed e.g. Felix in the past and is also one of the dishonourable players who also tried to cheat in every way the game allows. Many people have lost their properties due to fake trades broken NAPs and similar things.

Hope this will stop now.

You can read some flaming at the OGame boards in the combat report thread.

2006-07-01 / The 7th Universe - Balance

shamael has released a ne chapter of his epic fanfiction "The 7th Universe - Balance" at OGame.org's forums!

2006-06-30 / Owedding

e would like to say thank-you to all that attened our beautiful wedding today. A speacial thanks to Marleen, Dream, Felix and Chris. Also to all those who stayed to the party after words.
Cindy & Elusive

2006-06-27 / A Storm is Rising

long lost son of SoLD found his way back to us - Damien aka StorM. He joined our team in OGame and seems to like it so far ;)
Damien, we all hope you stick around - welcome home... !

2006-06-18 / OGame Division Recruiting closed down

am sorry for all those who wanted to join, but we have decided not to accept any new applicants in OGame anymore, we've just grown too big already.

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