2009-03-28 / Battle Dawn

ew challenges are awaiting us in Battle Dawn(www.battledawn.com). Old members and new ones are invited to join in there!

2007-06-25 / Morituri te salutant

small group of the Sorcerers has formed a gladiator guild in the game Gladiatus (www.gladiatus.com). Try it out if you are interested. Maybe we will meet in the arena!

2007-01-06 /

nd we have a new Attaché as well. Jochen stepped down and our King Felix is now helped by Richard.

2006-12-24 / Happy Holidays

erry Christmas, frohe Weihnachten, Joyeux Noël to everyone out there!
The Council of SoLD

2006-10-08 / Another Acolyte for the Highpriestess

ur Highpriest team has grown: Jacqui offered to help out with Highpriest type issues. A welcome relief and great help for myself and Cindy. :)

2006-06-12 / Spring feelings all around

oLD growing up: after Moritz recently married his girlfriend and Gerrit is getting married later this week, Adam and Friedemann both announced their engagements to their girlfriends today...

2006-04-13 / Standing Down

've been Acolyte to the Highpriestess in SoLD now for 2 and a half years now, but time is short, real life is busy, and most importantly - someone better is around to do the job now.

So, as Cindy is now Marleen's Acolyte, I will step back totally to allow her to do that job alone. I'm sure she'll do a fine job.

Marleen's news item for my appointment in 2003 said she had the, "highest fluctuation rate of attachés". Maybe that's one thing I managed to change!

See you all around. :)

2006-04-09 / IRC chat meeting

e've just had our April chat meeting, you can find info on the boards also a poll or two.

2006-03-15 / All hail the King

ne week after our voting started, we're proud to announce Felix aka Bleaky the new King of SoLD. Old King Jochen will aid him as his attaché for some time. Congratulations Felix, and many thanks to Jochen for all the years he devoted to SoLD as a guild leader!

2006-03-07 / Hear Ye Hear Ye

Right this way to the Outer Sanctum and cast a vote for our new King!

2006-02-28 / A Couple of Promotions

he SoLD High Council members have found themselves a few new  victims  volunteers to help out with the council work: Chris' new attaché Paul, and Marleen's new acolyte Cindy.

2006-01-01 / Happy new year!

appy new year from SoLD! In other news, some of us now play Civilization IV online. If you're up for a game (whoever you are), feel free to contact us through our boards...

2005-12-24 / Merry Christmas...

o everyone out there from SoLD.


2005-10-12 / Susi upgraded

ongratulations Susi - we all thought it was about time that she was officially made a "full member" with all priviledges (and being the second person ever that got promoted this way at all). It made a nice birthday present for her, too :)

2005-09-22 / Paladin's Honor.

or the first time in over two years, the Paladin's Honor has been granted to a SoLD member. Congratulations to Marleen on a long overdue recognition of the great work you've done for SoLD over the years. See the "Memorabilia" page for more details and some comments from the guild.

Thank you and Happy Birthday, to Marleen, Paladin of SoLD.
Council of SoLD

2005-08-01 /

fter all these months Jochen made up his mind and decided to have an attaché again - Felix will help him with his daily duties from now on. Welcome to the council.

2005-07-01 / SoLD digest

he council decided to revive the SoLD mailinglist in order to be able to keep in touch with our "old" members better. So we're releasing a monthly SoLD digest now. Members of all divisions can read a copy of it in the Outer Sanctum (at the boards), too.

2005-06-16 / First "SoLD Ascension"...

elix aka Bleaky, member of the SoLD in OGame and Guild Wars, is our first division member that we invited to be a "Full Member of SoLD" with all priviledges ever since we changed our membership structure to reflect the multi-gaming character of the guild. Congratulations Felix - well deserved...

2005-05-05 / SoLD goes Teamspeak

nd it only took us all those months. Anyway, yes we do have a teamspeak server of our own now finally, and we intend to use it (for Guild Wars mainly). :)

2005-05-01 / SoLD Decisions

e had one of the busiest and most topic-packed SoLD chats tonight, mostly about our Guild Wars division. Decided on some stuff too that might be posted on the news page later next week - like the final Guild Wars division members and applicants lists...

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