What is SoLD ?

The Sorcerers of Light and Darkness are an online gaming guild, with members from all over the world (Germany, England, USA, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden and Finland), initially from one online game but in recent times expanding into a multi-game guild.

We began in Magestorm in 1999, but our members now also play OGame, Dark Age of Camelot, Neverwinter Nights and World of Warcraft, to name but a few.

Magestorm was the first team-based online first person shooter and is set in a fantasy world. Teams of different philosophies or alignments - Order, Chaos or Balance - fight over control of the map with all means of their Magic.
This is where we picked "Balance" as the Sorcerers' alignment and we try and stick with it in all the games we play.

We are a close family of friends who have been together for a very long time. We know each other online as well as offline, for many of our members meet regularly for worldwide parties or visit each other for their holidays.

As SoLD progresses over the years, we are welcoming new members to our family and trying out new games quite frequently. However, we want to stay a close circle of people who know each other really well, so becoming a member is never easy.