is no more.

The official statement of Mythic Realms reads...

Attention Mythic-Realms Gaming Center Subscribers,

It is with heavy hearts that we must bid farewell to our Mythic-Realms Gaming Center service and all games hosted therein, effective January 31st, 2006, at 12:00 p.m. EST.

The decision to do so was not an easy one to make, as all of the titles we have offered over the years at the Gaming Center are ones that still hold a great deal of sentimental value to all of us here at Mythic Entertainment. However, we are unable to continue to devote resources, financial or otherwise, to the Gaming Center while also working full-time on Dark Age of Camelot and our upcoming Warhammer MMO.

We want to extend our appreciation and thanks to all subscribers, beta testers and in-game volunteers who have stuck with us over the years.

Warmest wishes,

Mythic Entertainment

Background Information

Magestorm was created back in 1995 by Mythic Entertainment.
It was a First Person Shooter game, of 4 "classes" (Wizard, Psionic, Eldritch and Healer) playing on 3 different teams/alignments (Chaos, Order and Balance).
The object of the game was to overpower and remove your opponents by taking their "earthblood pools" and "shrine", from which they sourced both their power and their ability to resurrect.
The different classes had different spells with which they could kill their opponents, as well as additional spells for healing, leaping, putting up obstacles in your opponent's way and so on.
You progressed through the levels, from 1 to 30, by earning points for casting spells, killing opponents, biasing pools, destroying shrines and winning game sessions.

The last place where you could play Magestorm was Mythic Realms for $ 9,95 a month (2001-05-10 to 2006-01-31).

  • Publisher: Engage
  • Developer: Mythic Entertainment
  • Requirements
    • Required utilities: 28.8kbps modem
    • CPU: P90
    • Memory: 16Mb
    • CD ROM: 2 speed
  • Multiplayer: 4-50 internet only
  • No. of players: 4-50