in GuildWars

Looking forward to taking part in a number of official and unofficial events, as well as thinking of some of our own fun things to do...

Regular Trainings & Tutorials

We're holding a newbie tutorial on Wednesdays, European evenings, and a PvP training on Saturdays, European evenings/American daytime. We are meeting up in IRC chat prior to each and discuss what we want to focus on, that day.

Birthday Party for Heinz

Since Heinz had his birthday during the March Beta Weekend, we decided to have our first birthday party in Guild Wars. We all met up around 9 PM for a supposed guild meeting, then walked to a nice spot in old ascalon city and congratulated. Handed over presents, danced around, and took a couple of pictures... Heinz liked it :) Guild Emblem Contest
Chances to win are slim with the thousands of Guild Wars fans around the world, but we had to try. Marleen made a Balance emblem for the Guild Emblem Contest held by in January 2005.

Fansite Competitions

Before the release of GuildWars, several fansites held little contests for players to win keys for the beta weekends. The SoLD players won a good dozen keys from them:
- Guild Wars Underground's caption competition,
- Wallpaper competitions at Mondes Persistants (who liked the "Where Light and Darkness collide" wallpaper) and the TenTonHammer ("Nightfall" won Marleen a full retail version of Guild Wars),
- Profession design competitions in which the concept character class "Sorcerer / Astrologer" won awards at Guild Wars Ogaming, Knights Templar, La Banda del Halcon and Guild Wars Underground,
- and various site's mini contests, trivias and forum games.