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As SoLD has progressed over the years, this once small group of Magestorm players has evolved into a bigger family of people playing various different games, many of whom have or would like to eventually have their own branch of SoLD within their current games. To accommodate this changing nature of our guild, the overall structure is now due an official change. Although the structure may seem more detailed and complex now, it will clarify things greatly in the long run for members and prospective members of the guild in all current and future games. The structure will work as follows.

There are from now on two membership statuses:

  • Full member.
  • Division member.
Full members are the core members, basically the original SoLD members from the Magestorm-only days. Whenever SoLD forms a guild/clan/alliance/group in a new game, the full members have the right to join them, tagged by default, if you will.

Division or partial members are those that come to us in a game like OGame or NWN. Their membership is valid for that game exclusively. They can however become full members.

  • If someone applies for division membership, the division members vote to decide.
  • If a division member wants to become a full member, all full SoLD members vote to decide.
This way SoLD will stay open to newcomers on a full level, but there will be an overall head to the guild structure in order to keep things fully in check.

If you're looking into joining SoLD, please contact the division High Council represenative for the game you are playing. You find contact information on the different games' "SoLD in..." pages in the Worlds menu.