Guild Wars is a new Massively Multiplayer Online game currently in the final stages of beta-testing, to be released at the end of April, 2005. It is produced by ArenaNet and will be free (no monthly fee) after purchasing the game - and any subsequent expansions.

The game focusses mainly on multiplayer team-play, primarily of the Player vs Player variety - although there is a Player vs Environment factor and Questing possibilities, to an extent. In theory, the game will work in such a way that promotes strategy, technique and planning, rather than simply grinding levels (of which there are only 20 in total - and progression is fast). If this works out, those who plan, work together and communicate better, will be the most successful. Rather than simply those who have the most time to play.

Guilds can battle each other in order to progress through the ranks in an attempt to prove themselves the greatest within the community.

In many respects, it is like a mixture of Magestorm and a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game.
And with GuildWars being basically the next generation of Magestorm, it was logical for SoLD to make home there quickly.