Here you will find information on members of the SoLD High Council.

Elective Positions: King/Queen, Warlord/Warlady, and Highpriest/ess.
Any member of the High Council may grant an Honor, provided the other high council members have been informed prior to the announcement.

King Felix

The King, being SoLD's spokesperson, is responsible for the communication between SoLD and the outside world - other guild leaders, game staff, and players. When you have a problem with a SoLD member, make sure it is the King you write your eMail to.

He (or his division representative) is also the right person to contact if someone wishes to join SoLD, and the King handles the tagging of members.

Contact King Felix at:
Contact Attaché Jochen at:

Warlord Chris

The Warlord is responsible for guild strategy during battle, as well as organising training. During a match or training session, all members must obey the Warlord.

If you wish to compete with SoLD in a friendly match or war in any game, he (or his division representative) is the one to contact.

Contact Warlord Chris at:
Contact Attaché Andi at:

Highpriestess Marleen

The Highpriestess is responsible for the internal affairs and organisation of the guild, as well as keeping order. She also holds chats and elections.

Contact Highpriestess Marleen at:
Contact Acolyte Cindy via MSN messenger:
Contact Acolyte Jacqui via our IRC channel or a forum PM (board nick is KyssKyss)