Below, you will find details of the medals and honours granted to SoLD members. Some of these are internal, others were granted by other guilds or players.

The SoLD assign the following honours...
SoLD's Eye
... a high honour to be given to members of any guild for extraordinary fairness and noble behaviour.
the SoLD Knighthood
... we dub a SoLD knight for an extraordinary skillful and chivalrous performance on the battlefields.
Paladin's Honor
... the oldest and highest SoLD honour.

Medals and honors provided by players and guilds of the Magestorm community
Dragon's Medal
... the Storm Clan Germany's medal to honor players.
... Arkmast organized the level 1 character tourney in Magestorm.
Player of the Month
... an honour provided by the Magestorm community to skilled, fair and friendly players.

Marleen / Navel_SoLD
For keeping SoLD alive through a couple of big transition phases, over the years.

Kris / Rhune_SoLD
Magestorm "Player of the Month" in october 2001.

Mikko / Amon_SoLD
for levelling his 3 characters to level 30 in Magestorm.

Rene / Druide_SoLD
for leading SoLD through extremely hard times as a Warlord in Magestorm.

Heinz / Abakus_SoLD
First carrier of the Dragon's medal ever - for fair play (Magestorm).

Andi / Dream_SoLD
for workig full-time for SoLD as a Warlord over years
for having leveled his AOL arcanist Dream_SoLD through the hard levels within an extremely short period of time in Magestorm
Winner of the Teeniemania (Best of Arcanists)
Winner of the Teeniemania (Best of Mentalists)


Something else we would like to say...

First of all, thank you to Mangar, who helped Moon writing and editing the very first version of the SoLD guild statutes back when SoLD was founded in AOL Magestorm.

Furthermore we would like to thank Arkmast for the work to improve the Magestorm community via web-site, and also for arranging the "Teenie-mania" competition, which was enjoyed by all participants.

We would also like to thank Poolya for his dedicative help with translating the SoLD web site, for taking his time to read over and correct the English texts on the inside and outside.

Last but not least, thanks to Tara, for providing us with details of Magestorm's rebirth.

A big thank you to all of you.

the SoLD High Council