Magestorm Screenshots

Those were the days!

We're all pretty much spread over other games now (most of all, Guild Wars) but Magestorm is where SoLD was founded many years ago, and Magestorm will be in our hearst forever.

This page is not only to show where SoLD's roots lie, but also a little memorial site to become all melancholic when we need it.

This is Magestorm!

This is the character sheet of Damien's Elementalist, uh I mean Magician, no wait, Wizard is the correct term in Magestorm Millennium. This is from when Storm_SoLD hit level 30. You can see his researched fire spells and his readied spells.
Before entering a game, one would hang out in the Tavern, the public chat. On this day, there was something like a staff meeting of all the operators going on. Hadn't seen so many white names in my life before.
A good old fashioned smiting in good old cathedral! Smite the little level 3 Hexxer!
This is what it looks like when you manage to kill someone on the other team.

Marleen: Why did I never see it? Hmmmm...

Robin: This is a fave of mine, Slyweaver and Healer (my 1st 30 Cleric) leveled up side by side to 30, and he was so annoying in that process. Revenge is sweet in duels...
Well, Little Navel managed to kill people sometimes too. Eventually.
When your character gets killed in Magestorm, a cleric on your own team can resurrect you and heal you up. Of course there's this weak moment after ressurection and before the healing, and that is when rezkills happen...

Robin: Forgot I had this one lol, yes I stalked and yes I waited (:

Marleen: Bad Robin... very bad :p
Robin: Me and Degas knew Puddled was a hexer (just too many cold balls for the level he was at. Was only confirmed later when everyone else realised, however we had our fun setting him up for rez kills, lol...
Arcanists can lay signs, too. These are explosive signs, or bombs if you want a short word for them ;) As the system message tells us on the screenshot... they work rather well!
Apart from signs, character can also put up walls made of air, water, wood, earth, stone or ice. It is particularly popular to get another character trapped in one to hinder them. In this screenshot, Tel walled someone.

Marleen: Actually, it was me on Tel's account. We had both gotten bored with grinding our own cleric and switched accounts. But I wasn't allowed to tell anyone, because account sharing is of course a bad thing to do. Bummer. :p
Magestorm has six different arenas that you can fight in - here's a screenshot of Robin roaming the Temple of Ramhotep, which is full of little pools, dodgy little murals and statues.
Due to an exploit, hexxers managed to kill characters and the rezz them ontop of the cathedral "roof", a place never meant for characters to be seen. Here's one such shot of Xeeron being called to the roof.
A special screenshot of the popular "Tel Hunt".

Terry: I just like this one really. The chat and a glance at the teams makes it funnier. :D
On one of those unholy real life meet-ups between SF and Marleen, the line "do tell" was changed to "do Tel" - my did we have fun with that the following years...

Terry: None of those at the SF/Marleen meet up have yet fulfilled the suggestion. I'm holding out in Rom being the first to do so.
The Magestorm Highscore Board from years back, that was before the highscores got hacked.
The credits of Magestorm in case anyone cares.

A random Guild Match

During our 5 years of playing Magestorm, we had so many official and inofficial guild matches... most of which you can read details about on our Magestorm Battle pages. Here is a random guild match illustrated for you.

Before the match, the game host and both team's team members would gather at a private table. In this case, Plague [PL] and us. We were all counting our levels to ensure we would have even, balanced teams, and fair competition.

Terry: Terry: Ewwww, Tel was in CA then? :p
Once inside the game, the actual action wasn't supposed to happen until 5 minutes into the match, to make sure everyone had entered safely and was standing in the right shrine when the match began. This also left time for wishing a good game to the other team, which we did or didn't, depending on who we played :x

In this screenshot however, the match was already in progress and SoLD's offense team tried to break into PL's shrine.
The end screen displaying the match results. A draw!
Of course, it should have looked more like this. :D
These were the happy moments.

Pool Party

SoLD and our allies then, the Bloody Limeys [BL], had this in-game party to celebrate the forming of our alliance. As we all know from the real life bashes, BL parties are always wet parties!

All SoLD standing still on the cathedral stairs for a nice SoLD photo. everyone say SHRINE!
Why does this always happen when someone tells us to stand still? One of them always started with the spell casting and made it a mess...

Terry: Terry: Ewwww, Tel was in BL then? :p Also, I had to para them all, to stop them moving around. That's my excuse, anyway.
This is the BL characters present then. Everyone say SEX!
SoLD & BL together *sniff*
Everyone taking a swim in center pool, trying to outbias each other.
Basically, everyone had been waiting for this to happen...

Terry: You killed Telly. You bastard.

The Wedding of Dream & Navel

The first and to my knowledge only wedding in Magestorm - Dream and Navel aka Andi and Marleen...

A group shot of... uh... everyone, including the guests.
The big moment.

Terry: My shot of the wedding. The best action shot that was taken during that event. I should be a camera man. :D
Taking a picture of bride and groom, with best man Quanchi and bridesmaid Tel.
Picture taking successfully finished.
After the ceremony, Mage_Nomad warped everyone into the pub for the party...

Group Hug

On the last day of Magestorm on the AOL server (my... that was in 2000!) people gathered together for group photos...

Trying to enter the rather crowded temple arena from Tavern. As you can guess from this screenshot, the game never intended everyone to enter the same team...
One of many group screenshots taken that day.
This group shot shows Strike Force [SF] characters only.

Marleen: Ewwww, Tel was in SF then? :p

An Ode

Yes, it is awefully corny, and we're aware...

Our Magestorm, who art at Mythic's,
hallowed be they study.
Thy tavern return,
and thy will be done,
in keep as it is in the catacombs.

Give us this day the ley that we need,
and forgive us our lag,
as we forgive those
who have double killed us.

Do not lead us into valhalla,
but save us from the minders.

For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever. Amen.