Having known each other for so many years by now, and being friends 'offline' as well as 'online', we quite regularly meet in real life - be it a "community bash", a "SoLD party" or just visiting friends in foreign countries in the big summer holidays.
Here's a list of our gatherings so far...

SoLD Parties

The next SoLD Party - Summer of 2006

We don't quite know yet where, who, what and when exactly - but the SoLD Summer Camp will be just as lovely as our last parties...

SoLD Christmas Party - December 2005

SoLD's winter special - for old times' sake we met in Hanover, Germany, and spent a weekend eating, drinking and strolling through Hanover's christmas markets. memorable locations were also a beautiful medievallish cellar restaurant and a café in the city wall's tower, as well as Marleen's sister's flat.

The Ballroom >> Christmas Party 2005 Pictures

Druide's Surprise Birthday Party - July 2005

René aka Druide had his birthday in July and well, what can I say - with several SoLDs living in Berlin and as close as Rostock, and with Terry visiting Germany, how could we let this opportunity pass to host him a surprise party? What's more, we met at an absinth and cocktails bar by the name of "DRUIDE" - René was delighted ;)

The Ballroom >> Surprise Party 2005 Pictures

Bowling for Balance - March 2005

Another party was held in Berlin, Germany. This time, we went out for dinner in an Italian restaurant and spent the night bowling. Everyone agreed that one day was too little time to talk to everyone, so we decided that the next parties would have to last a bit longer...

The Ballroom >> SoLD Party 2005 Pictures

Tequila Desaster - May 2003

The 'wettest' of all SoLD gatherings took place in Berlin, Germany - due to misorganisation at a random pub. This time around, people took a bit more time and had a nice sightseeing trip and touristy weekend...
Also, again Magestorm people had come to hang out wiht us - Tara from Scotland as well as Poolya, Sazzer and Quanchi from England.

Medieval Feast II - April 2002

Because of the sucess ;) of the first SoLD party, a sequel was soon to follow, in the same location. This time, not only SoLD attended the gathering, but also special guests out of the Magestorm community from the UK (Sin) and US (BioDoom and Pip).

The Ballroom >> SoLD Party 2002 Pictures

The Medieval Birthday Party - October 2001

The first "official" SoLD gathering was, at the same time, the party for Marleen's 21st birthday. Those were the days :p It took place in Hanover, Germany.
We all went to a medieval restaurant for finger food and unlimited mead...

The Ballroom >> SoLD Party 2001 Pictures

Community Bashes

Blackpool II - September 2002

Well, it was fun last year, so why not do exactly the same thing again? And this time with SoLD attendence! Jochen, Damien, Heinz, Xeeron, Chris, Andi & Marleen went there to meet up with the rest of the Magestormers for an entire weekend of drinking... and the friendship poms came into existence.

Blackpool I - 2001

Blackpool, England, is where the Magestorm people meet for a good old-fashioned pub crawl...

Other Holidays & Visits

Some of the more travelling-happy members (*cough* Marleen) have been known to visit each and every SoLD member at home, provided they have the time and money for it... so her travels took her through Denmark, Sweden and Finland to visit Arild, Micke and Mikko in the summer of 2004. One year later, Marleen and Terry took almost the same visiting tour together (to Sweden and Finland again, and Estonia).
Marleen is also a quite frequent visitor of the UK to meet with Terry and Robin of SoLD, Poolya & Sazzer, the Strike Force Brat Pack, or Friedemann when he was in Ireland.
Terry, Titus, Jochen, Chris, René and Xeeron have been seen visiting Hanover or Berlin; Xeeron was visited back when him and Marleen went to a Depeche Mode press conference together. René even moved to Berlin in 2004. So we might have something like a regular's table over there soon.
Jochen and Jan were rumoured to have met up for an Amphibian Fair.

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