SoLD, Magestorm and Guild Wars visual and arty stuff of all kinds.

SoLD Guild Artwork
Over the years, different people contributed artwork to the SoLD website or the SoLD guild.

SoLD Artwork
SoLD Guild Logos

Creative Madness...
Serious, funny and crazy stuff, inspired by the games we play. Wallpapers - some of which have won contests - as well as for example the Magestorm Southpark, Pez and Lego figures.

Guild Wars Artwork
Magestorm Artwork

Screenshots we took in games... title says it all ;)

Guild Wars Screenshots
Magestorm Screenshots
Aramoon Screenshots

Buddy Icons & Board Avatars
If you use a messenger like AIM, you might enjoy our buddy icons. You can also use them as board avatars.

Buddy Icons

Mini Games
Mini Games and little riddles to play while your favourite game's server is down...

Mini Games

Magestorm Mods & Patches
In this section of the gallery you find little mods that (in parts anyway) give your Magestorm a unique look. The infamous Magestorm nude patch is also in there.

Mods & Patches

Magestorm Cartoons
For a while, the Magestorm community was crazy over the Magestorm Cartoons. The page this link will lead you to has dozens (maybe even hundreds) of them...

Magestorm Cartoons