the SoLD in

Sorcerers tend to wander off... here's a brief synopsis.

Dark Age of Camelot

It was only few of us that played (or still play) DAoC. I think Jan and Ertie were putting a lot of time in it, Roland was playing as well as Jochen and Kris.

Diablo II

Mainly Andi and Marleen were playing Diablo II extensively in 2000 and early 2001 - that was before the return of Magestorm which re-united SoLD.

The 4th Coming

Heinz and Susi - maybe even Roland - played T4C for several years - good to have them back where they belong ;)


We still wonder what happened to our members that got lost in Everquest. Really, folks - are you still alive? Gunar and Andreas we rarely ever heard of again, but Jochen and Jan could be rescued... other people playing Everquest at the time... Terry and probably a dozen others - we don't talk about this anymore ;)