in OGame

To make the gáme more fun for the SoLDs, we came up with a number of activities...

Vote a capital city for the SoLD Space Empire

Be he the King of SoLD or not, we couldn't have Jochen just name his planet "SoLD Pime" - so we held a little competition. People could advertise their planets. Incidentially, Jochen won...

Teeniemania of Planets

Doesn't it suck when you send your settlers out to colonise a planet, and it turns out to be tiny? As a bit of comforting, the player with the tiniest first colony would win the "Teeniemania of Planets"!
Heinz turned out to have colonised the smallest of them all, with Gerrit in a close second place.

SoLD-Skin for OGame

Granted, not everyone has a fetish for the green and gold colour scheme of SoLD. But for those that do, we made the SoLD skin for OGame. Only available to SoLD members.