SoLD in Neverwinter Nights

SoLD's team of Neverwinter Nights roleplayers.

Contact Information

We only play NWN on very few occasions anymore, some of us are eagerly waiting for NWN2. If you would like to get in touch with us for exchange of out-of-character information, setting up a plot or anything else, just contact any of our players inside the game or via our discussion boards.

Login names are shared upon request.

Servers, Players, Characters & other stuff

We've last been playing at the servers "World of Charun", and later "Winterhaven".


  • Andi
  • Arild
  • Felix
  • Marleen
  • Terry
  • Mikko

Some of our characters use custom portraits. In order to have them show up when you meet the characters in game, you need to download these .zip files and extract them into your nwn/portraits directory.