Some fun articles on various random topics that circle around the Magestorm community or SoLD... or Randomness.

2006-05-04 / The Query not yet processed! ... what it really means

Marleen's first article for's Galactic News Network (GNN) deals with those pesky error messages you're getting all the time.
2006-05-04 / Report
2006-05-08 / Epilogue
Submitted by Marleen

2006-04-03 / The 7th Universe - Balance

We were sent this piece of OGame fiction by Jay aka Ishamael. It features SoLD and a number of familiar faces therein. The first chapter's title is "A Messenger". New chapters will be uploaded as Ishamael writes them.
2006-04-02 / Chapter 1
2006-04-03 / Chapter 2
Submitted by Ishamael

2006-04-01 / SoLD vs. SoLD

Robin decided to get his revenge on Dream of SoLD, no longer would he be the 2nd man in SoLD, a shadow, a follower. He decided that his fleet needed to ninja Dream's. Here's the combat report of an epic battle...
Submitted by Robin

2006-03-30 / The Fall of Evil: Houdini

Another top ten player in's universe 7 bit the dust as Andi and Robin teamed up again for a historic assault. This is the combat reports, again, along with some nice fiction.
Submitted by Andi & Robin

2006-03-19 / The Fall of Evil: Toblerone

Andi and Robin took out one rival OGame player, Toblerone, producing a sensational combat report - including some fan fiction...
Submitted by Andi & Robin

2005-12-05 / Urban Dead

Some of us are playing the zombie browser game UrbanDead, and Xeeron wrote this diary for us.
Submitted by Xeeron

2005-05-07 / The Tyrian Pantheon - Gods of Guild Wars

An article about the Gods of Tyria, before and after the charr invasion, with many pictures and some speculation.
Submitted by Marleen

2005-04-19 / Tel's & Chris' Guild Wars Beta Weekend Reviews - PvP Edition

Tel reviews Guild Wars again after the final BWE - with some PvP action now to discuss. Chris added his own review on april 23rd.
Submitted by Chris & Tel

2005-04-13 / Ms Guild Wars Beta Pageant - A Shoe Story

Kirellii posted this story, that features Navel Of Sold, at's forums.
Submitted by Kirellii

2005-04-12 / RomBurns on Toast

We couldn't believe our eyes when we found this item on e-bay - a RomBurns on Toast!
Submitted by Tel & Marleen

2005-04-09 / Sold my Soul to SoLD

After being in SoLD for a certain amount of time, you start to notice some odd things. This is when you know you've SoLD your SouL to SoLD
Submitted by Tel

2005-04-07 / How to become a Balance Overlord in Guild Wars

Tel's guide to finding the balance between good and evil and still dominate Guild Wars...
Submitted by Tel

2005-04-05 / Tel's Guild Wars Beta Weekend Review - PvE Edition

Tel reviews Guild Wars after having played several Beta Weekends. This review's focus is on PvE for a start.
Submitted by Tel

2005-03-30 / How to become an evil OGame Overlord

A comprehensive guide to becoming an ultimate evil Overlord in OGame.
Submitted by Xeeron

2005-03-28 / Ask Dr. Tel

You have any problems with getting your shrine up? Dr. Tel can help!
Submitted by Tel

2005-02-10 / The Sorcerer of Light and Darkness...

... as a Guild Wars profession.
It's a full profile, including descriptions, attributes, skill lines and pictures...
Submitted by Marleen, Tel & Azuth

2004-10-01 / Magestorm GaGa

A little fun song.
Submitted by Tel

2004-02-29 / Your Estate Agents reports... Real Estate in Folenn

Where would you want to live in Folenn - the beautiful temple or the quiet catacombs?
Submitted by Tel

2004-01-21 / Meat interviews himself

On his 21st birthday - and practically day one of his Magestorm account on Mythic's server - Meat was punked when he interviewed himself and didn't realise until the very end.
Submitted by Marleen

2003-12-29 / The Wedding of Dream & Navel

For those who couldn't be there - logs and pictures
Submitted by Marleen

2003-12-14 / Tel's Diary

One week in the life (?) of a king NoLifer
Submitted by Tel

2003-12-11 / Ten Little Sorcerers

Since SoLD has left the Bff, we have got way too much time on our hands. Here is some poetry for you.
Submitted by Marleen & Tel

2003-08-28 / You know you've been playing too much Magestorm, when...

... when you keep writing corny articles about it. Here are a couple more symptoms listed for you...
Submitted by Marleen

2003-08-20 / Let's go Downtown!

We proudly present... Facts you didn't know about the Town of Sirama.
Submitted by Marleen & RomBurns

2003-08-13 / The Heat is on!

The BFF Battle-Weather-Report after turn 8 for you.
Submitted by Marleen & Xeeron

2003-08-06 / The Troubles of being German

Have you never run across a Magestorm player whose typing was so weird that you couldn't understand him at all? Here's why...
Submitted by Marleen

2003-01-09 / The Pillowship of the Shirt

"Lady of the Shirt" part one.
Submitted by Marleen

2003-01-08 / There and back again. A drinking (t)ale.

A little reminder about my trip to England ;)
Submitted by Marleen

2002-05-14 / Magestorm's Coming Home

The really old SoLD MGL Song.
Submitted by Marleen