10-30 LEAGUE 2004

10 30 NSW League Rules

All players should arrive with appropriate characters in the Tavern in plenty of time (15 minutes before the game starts)

If one team is short of members due to latecomers, this is not the fault of the other team and so the other team is within their rights to request the game starts.

Both guild leaders/ reps should check that each team is within the Cumulative Level Limit. This is: 240 Total Levels

The "Cumulative Level" is defined as the sum total of the levels of all characters on a team at the start of a match.

Chat logs should be kept by the reps of all 'chat' within the Tavern and the Game Table. This may prove useful in settling any disputes that may arise.

All players must remove solid walls from their ready list. Use of these walls will result in an immediate forfeit. This should be done in the Study and not from spell lists in game, because if a player is booted the spells reset and a solid wall may be cast in error.

The 5 Minute Rule - This rule means that during the first 5 minutes of a match, no player of either team should leave the shrine pillar. This rule is to make sure all members are in the game before starting. If any members suffer an "Unsuccessful World Download", they should notify the table creator and their Representative via PM. The table creator should then leave the game and re-invite any such players (the table creator should be prepared to do this before making the table).

Players may not enter or bias pools during this time. This includes Elds.

The 3rd shrine in a game in a 2 team game, has no defenders and so must be destroyed by either team prior to 55:00 on the clock.

All normal Magestorm Rules, Community Standards and Mythic Terms of Service apply during NSW matches. Any breach of these will result in the appropriate action being taken. A serious breach may also result in a guild being excluded from the event.

The Cumulative Level Limit must be observed by both teams at all times throughout the match. If one team is found to be over the limit, they must immediately remove players such that they are below the limit once more, or face disqualification from that match, with the opposing team being awarded a Win-result.

Every guild must make an active and honest attempt to attack during each match. Mage_Op on duty reserves the right to warn a guild after 10 minutes of a guild not doing so. Failure to obey this warning may result in a forfeit being awarded to the opposing team.

Winning the Match

A match is considered over when the "Score screen" is displayed. The Enemy shrine must be destroyed and your own shrine kept fully powered for a period of 30 seconds in order for a victory to be claimed (normal game victory conditions). The final score screen SS must be sent to the events team after the match as evidence of the winner.

... will be awarded as follows:

Win = 5 points
Draw = 1 point
Loss = 0 points

Arranging matches

The time table of matches for the league will be available for the whole event prior to its commencement. Reps are responsible for making sure their guilds know when and whom they are playing and for making sure their guilds are present to play. Any disputes or questions must be raised through the official guild rep.

Rep Duties

Every guild must appoint an events rep, failure to do so will result in non participation in official events.

Reps are responsible for informing their guilds of matches to be played, for chat logs of all matches played and for final SS to prove the winner of a match.

They are the contact with the events team for all matters of discussion on events and are expected to be professional and courteous.

Any rep who fails to carry out these duties will receive a warning. If a rep gets more than 3 warnings, the events team will contact their GMs to appoint another rep. If there is no improvement in conduct then the guild will risk removal from the event.