Some little helpers for new and old players.

2006-04-05 / Beginner's Guide to Combat Calculations

Paul is writing this guide for a better understanding of how combat calculation in OGame works.
2006-04-05 / How Shields work
2006-04-13 / Energy & Mine Production
Submitted by Paul

2005-05-27 / How to play a warrior in a team!

A guideline for tanks in Guild Wars (PvE). Includes Warrior Checklist!
Submitted by Arild

2005-05-16 / n00b Guide to NWN Roleplaying

Wanting to roleplay in Neverwinter Nights and have no idea where to start? This little guide with character generator will help you through your first day on a roleplaying server...
Submitted by Marleen

2005-05-14 / Guild Site Kit

If you're wanting to start your own Guild Wars guild, here's a list of ressources and a few downloads to get your guild's website started.
Submitted by Marleen

2005-04-10 / Starting your own Guild Wars Guild

A detailed text giving some advice from those helping run a guild, to those wishing to start up their own one in GuildWars.
Submitted by Tel

2004-08-25 / Magestorm Stats

A whole website dedicated to Magestorm statistics, made by Poolya.
Submitted by Marleen

2004-02-10 / Time Zone Converter

A handy help for people who are in multinational guilds.
Submitted by Marleen

2004-02-07 / Magestorm Manual

The dusty old manual is still a good resource for players that are new to the game - here's an online version of it.
Submitted by Marleen

2003-08-24 / Magestorm Spell Abbreviations

List of Spells (with their old and new names, as well as their commonly used abbreviations)
Submitted by Marleen

2003-08-07 / Magestorm Glossary

The Magestorm Glossary, updated, completed and corrected Magestorm Millenuim version.
Submitted by Marleen

2001-09-15 / Magestorm Spell Planner

The popular Java Script Spell Planner.
Submitted by Titus