in Magestorm

We are now allied with the Bloody Limeys, another Balance guild. We stand and fight together to help protect our beloved homelands from the evil powers of Chaos and Order.

Brothers in arms, and blood brothers we are.

The Approach

It all started with the SoLD sending a messenger to the Bloody Limeys. He unpacked a little harp and stepped into the middle of the room. And this is what he said:

About the Pleasures and Ties of an Alliance in Folenn

Their Website

Take a look around the new BL website: http://www.BloodyLimeys.co.uk

From the 'old' Bloody Limeys' web site

BL Alliances

BL is officially allied with SoLD in the Battle For Folenn event. This means that we are allowed to aid each other in matches, and are competing together against the other guilds for control of the map.

The alliance has also led to a number of friendships developing between members of either guild, most notably visible at the previous BL bash, when a number of SoLD members joined us for a weekend in Blackpool. More recently, Marleen_SoLD visited some members of BL on her trip to England.

SoLD also maintain a website - viewable at http://www.pm-konzept.de/SoLD/. They also have a small section dedicated to this alliance at http://www.pm-konzept.de/SoLD/index.php?seite=allies. We hope to increase the size of these alliance sections over the coming months as the two guilds continue to work together.

Pool Party

Anyone remember our pool party we had on 2002-07-07, even before the alliance between BL and SoLD was officially announced? :D

All SoLD
All BL
All together

Mini Projects

One of our alliance projects: The MS Code

Make your own MS code

Uncode any MS code